“… that was my idea(s)…” Oh really?

How many times have you heard someone utter this phrase, “…(fill in blank – name of idea) was my idea…” If I had a penny for every time that I’ve heard that phrase, I’d probably be a gazzillionaire by now.


The ‘that was my idea‘ claim is normally made by the kind of person that I will refer to as a ‘Wana-preneur i.e. someone that masquerades around as an Entrepreneur of some sort while constantly standing on the sidelines without actually ever taking any risks to start any venture.

Unless I’ve seen some evidence that would prove otherwise, my first response is always, (and this might sound harsh), “no such and such was not your idea, because if it were your idea, then you would and should have taken ownership of the idea. And the way you take ownership of an idea is by actually doing something about it. It’s the simple step of taking action that matters. You pursue it, go after it, research it, talk about it, write about it, build it, test it and the list goes on. Only then can you have some merit to the fact that whatever you’re claiming was indeed your idea. Otherwise you will just sound like a deluded bitter old fool. I have so much more respect for someone that attempts to get an idea off the ground and fails than any loud mouth that is all talk but no action. Peter Thiel in his book Zero to One, explores this in great detail. The hardest part of getting an idea off the ground is going from zero to one, which is basically getting started. This is due to a number of factors. This perhaps explains why although plenty of people constantly talk about all these grand ideas, very few actually ever take any ownership by taking any action. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Patents & Trademarks are granted to those people that submit their applications first. However once you’ve moved from zero to one, accelerating progress is easier at that stage. The famous Levi Roots of Reggae Raggae Sauce was not the first person to come up with a delicious sauce recipe. However he took ownership of the idea and some may say controversially but he took action. Now I’m not saying that it’s easy, however it is the first step.

How to get started.
“…the secret to getting a head is getting started…” – Mark Twain.
                            mark twain
The Actor & TV Show host Steve Harvey, once said that we each have a gift. We all have something that we do extremely well with the least amount of effort. Something that doesn’t actually feel like work, that something in some cases is a hobby. So ask yourself, what’s the thing you do the absolute best with the least amount of effort. Look within yourself not without. Too many people miss out on their gift because they refuse to sign the lease on their gift, especially if you keep looking for it outside of yourself.- Steve Harvey
Perhaps another practical step worth noting is this. Surround yourself with people that are either vigorously working hard and are on their way to achieving their dreams or have already achieved their dreams or are accomplished. Immerse yourself in the culture of action, making progress and success. This will rub off you, it always does.
So go on, take official ownership of that idea(s) in your head by making a move today.

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