In this episode I pitch to get in to a startup accelerator programme. Accelerators are organisations that are supposed to help accelerate the growth of startup businesses. However getting accepted onto one is incredibly competitive. It’s harder to get onto an accelerator than Oxbridge. The majority only accept companies with a team, an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) or Protype and Traction. It is nearly impossible to get onto one or receive any sort of investment unless you meet these 3 criteria. The challenge for me has always been going from 0-1. Everyone wants to join the party when you’re doing well however there are hardly any organisations that support super early stage entrepreneurs with just ideas, so I continue to work blood, sweat and tears to get to make any sort of progress. Being an early stage startup entrepreneur is sort of like someone searching for their first job without prior experience. You need experience to get a job however you can’t get experience without getting a job, it’s a vicious cycly. Somewhere in between you have to make it happen for yourself and that’s what I’m doing with will continue to do until the dream becomes a reality. It’s so damn bloody hard however I’ve just got to continue going for it. (Spoiler Alert – My application was rejected.)

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