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What I learnt from meeting a Billionaire:


Simon Tefula meets Aliko Dangote


Simon Tefula meets Aliko Dangote

I recently met one of the richest people in world, Aliko Dangote, some say he’s the richest Black person on the planet. When I asked him what words of wisdom he had for young people such as myself, he said ‘…just be patient and continue to work hard…young people today want to have overnight success but it takes time…” This made me reflect upon the fact we live in a world where most people want instant results. We are the click generation, we swipe for love, opt for surgery in order to lose weight instead of hitting the treadmill. Very fewl are willing to wait for anything.¬†Jezz Bezos¬†Founder of Amazon once said it takes about 10 years to become an overnight success. It took Dangote 30 years to get to amass his level of wealth.


Learning to be patient is something that I’ve had to learn along my startup journey because things never happen quite as you plan, it can and has been frustrating however I’m committed to moving my startup ideas forward. Regardless of the setbacks I’m committed to making progress even if it means by just 1 centimetre every single every day. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day so if things do not go according to plan always remember that ‘Slow motion is better no motion.’

Simon Tefula’s Startup Journey Episode 6: Storytelling & Personal Branding

It’s been proven by scientists that storytelling is the most naturally intuitive way for us as human beings to process and digest information. History, culture, language are all passed down mainly through story. When I first came up with the idea for TRENDiPEOPLE, I went around trying to pitch the startup idea by focusing mainly on functionalities with very little fruitful result. However one question that I kept getting asked over and over again was, “…how did you come up with the idea?” Every time I told the story, I always noticed an increase in interest. It was at that point that I decided to change my approach. I decided to put storytelling at the heart of my PR and pitching strategy.

Storytelling has opened up plenty of doors for me. I’ve been able to build partnerships, a team and raise funding hugely due to the impact of my storytelling. A few weeks ago I was invited by an international Law Firm in London to speak to their members of staff on how to use Storytelling to enhance their personal brands. Here are some extracts from that talk.