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What is TRENDiPEOPLE 2018: Fashion From Around The World?

What’s the Story behind the book.

One day I found myself at a friend’s house watching a reality TV show about ‘supermodels’ – (we won’t name any names) I couldn’t stand this show because it made my friends feel insecure. It was at that point that I realised that the fashion & beauty industry and media in its current state mainly promotes a negative & distorted image of beauty. I believe that everyone is a unique and beautiful individual. Everyone has something that makes them stand out. That could include personality, intellectual, spiritual traits or many more. I did a search online to try and find a book that profiles trendsetters all over the world and I literally struggled to find anything. If there’s such a publication then its authors or producers are doing such a lousy job of publicising it. The other issue which is apparent is that the mainstream fashion & beauty media, popular magazines and publications always compile the same recycled boring list of celebrities as the ‘most’ beautiful or ‘stylish’ people in the world.  That list is too predictable, dull and doesn’t quite reflect the multitude and diversity of beautiful trendsetters from all across the globe who are setting the world alight in their own right with amazing stories to tell. It was at that point that I decided to do something about these issues, something that could change the world and that’s how I came up with the idea for the book – TRENDiPEOPLE 2018: #Fashion From Around The World plus the ideas for the #FashionFrom plus the social media campaign. Think of it as the ‘Humans of New York’ for fashion.  I’m compiling and curating the first ever yearly global book showcasing fashion influencers and trendsetters from all 196 countries around the world. It will be published once every year. This year the book is called TRENDiPEOPLE 2018: #Fashion From Around The World. It’s not going to be an easy task, but we are ready to challenge the status quo.

What’s the Point of the Book:

This book I hope will promote celebrating individuality through fashion and storytelling creating a more positive platform to recognise and pay more attention to really interesting people & trendsetters that are so often ignored by the mainstream fashion media. From an academic context, this book will become very important in terms of being a historical reference. Being able to look back in chronological order to identify & compare TRENDiPEOPLE i.e. Trendsetters that have shaped the world of fashion is something that we believe will gradually gain merit.  In doing this we hope to empower people, use some of our proceeds from the sale of the book to promote good causes and all in all make the world a better place.

How do I get involved.

Go to FashionFrom.TRENDi & create your own Fashion Postcard and share it with your friends and you could get published in the book. Some proceeds from the book after costs will be used to help support good causes. Share and tell all your friends about it. For more information go to




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Feel free to get in touch with the Founder @TRENDiPEOPLE

Simon Tefula