I don’t like blowing my own trumpet, it’s just plain rude or is it? Anyway, here’s what a few people that have worked with me have to say.







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Testimonials for Personal Development and Entrepreneur Skills Training Workshops:

‘When you are not sure where to start Refined Creatives workshop is a one-stop-shop for how to get started. Simon condenses a wealth of information into an easy to understand way with practical exercises to digest the information.’ – Jill – Founder @ Safe and The City, London, UK

Simon is a very knowledgable and inspiring teacher. I found the workshop thoroughly achieved the goal of breaking down the idea of starting a business into digestible, manageable chunks that I was able to go home and start implementing that day. In particular, the suggestions around pitching- not only for selling a product, but for selling a philosophy, a concept, or even yourself- were very thought-provoking and have really stuck with me. Simon’s own experiences as an entrepreneur were relatable and further enriched the course content. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is keen to get going but just doesn’t know where to start and finds the idea of business/finances/daunting.

Thanks for a great day Simon! – Sarah, Engineer, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, Content Agency London, UK

“It’s incredible and every startup/individual that’s wanting to enter this exciting yet challenging realm should attend your courses before venturing out. What I love about your style of teaching is that you don’t withhold back any information and you provide very insightful information that no other person provides. I guess it’s because you’re also going through this journey yourself but helping those avoid stumbling across certain barriers that you’ve managed to overcome. That’s what I like about your course. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s deep and it’s everything a startup would need before venturing on”. – Matthew, Founder @Golyv, London, UK

I really enjoyed meeting you, hearing about your experience and overall it was very useful to go through the well-defined steps we need to consider before starting our own business. This gave me a very good foundation and an idea of where to go next. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but hearing it from someone “who’s been there” makes it sound possible. – Nemanja – Data Scientist, London, UK

Originally I had booked a group session with Simon, however, messed up the date and Simon ended up giving me a private one to one session on a Saturday afternoon in East London. At that time I literally had my business idea in my mind but absolutely no clue on where to go from there. I didn’t even know the questions I should be asking let alone the answers. Simon spent a good three hours with me starting at the very beginning, about my business idea and how to make a business from it, to the logo and branding.. all the way through to good business banks and tips on how to be authentic. After leaving Simon he kept in touch, with continuous support, he even set up a web landing page for me for free. Simons session was the leap I needed from idea to reality and I still look at the notes I made that day. If you are looking for a start to finish with everything in between genuine firsthand advice from someone who has been there and got the t-shirt then I wholly recommend Simon and his course. – Amy – Stem Girls Club – Startup Business Founder, London, UK